Businesses tend to build online communities as a means to communicate with customers.

An online community to give all existing customers, potential customers, supporters and fans business opportunities to participate in discussions about their favorite brands, from that help businesses reinforce their brand, the timely feedback of customers and keep regular contact with them.


However, building a successful online community is not easy. A strong community is to have goals and a clear strategy to create attractive and cohesive members. Here are five tips to help businesses build an online community like that.

1. Define objectives

Sounds and obvious, but in fact many businesses are often set very general goals for the online community, that should have set specific. Below are some questions that companies should set before building an online community.

2. Define the measure

The selection of metrics to evaluate success and frequency of the profit on investment (ROI) is often overlooked when companies build communication campaigns. Here are some examples of metrics to evaluate the effectiveness of building online communities.

3. Develop marketing plan

A serious marketing plan to attract members, creating a close link with the website they will be a strong tool to online communities. To increase the attractiveness and increases the binding of the members, enterprises should focus on specific marketing activities aimed at communities such as organizing the competition, providing content for members only, given gifts and prizes to members ...

In addition, enterprises have to watch online community is the center of a marketing effort. Each marketing campaign to encourage customers to participate in the community and talk about the brand of your business. For example, if the company is launching a new product to market should hold a contest to build blogs or video clips to help members tell why they love your product and business how to use it.

4. Define objectives and strategic direction to sales and profits

If the main objective of the enterprise in the use of online communities is to strengthen the brand image and understanding of customer feedback, the target revenue growth and profitability can not be part importance of business strategy. However, if the business bringing this goal to become a top priority, you should consider other forms of marketing such as advertising, e-commerce ... Businesses can create value from the community in many different forms but the forms do not necessarily generate revenue directly. Sometimes, a brand needs social media channels just to update information, feedback from customers, keeping in constant touch with them and increase their competitiveness.

5. Determine how to build online communities

If businesses do not have a team of designers and social development of the site can use a variety of sources such as advertising companies, providers of technology solutions for social media .. . to build online communities. Most companies currently have to transfer out of this work for the provider of technology solutions. In any case, the enterprise needs to determine the budget, internal resources (such as the envoy, project director), the objectives and the time for completion.

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