10 online marketing trends in 2012

Please introduce to you 10 top marketing trends in 2012 accompanied by the tendency to judge whether it is ready to "take off" and you deserve to spend time and money into it or are still " waiting for customers "and should try to know

We can say, the marketing trends, like a plane. Tend it is ready to take off while the other tends to stand waiting for more guests.

With that comparison, I would like to introduce to you 10 top marketing trends in 2012 accompanied by the tendency to judge whether it is ready to "take off" and you deserve to spend time and money silver on it or are still "waiting for customers" and should only experiment.


1. Promotions, discounts, reward

Ready to take off

This will be in "hunting" the map discounts, promotions as economy has not recovered fully and consumers have many tools to "see" more than.

So, you launched the promotion "extremely toxic" to attract buyers. Then profits by increasing sales and expanding the scope of purchase. Also, be flexible discounts or promotions, bonuses .... When shoppers use mobile tools to compare prices.


2. Marketing drag (pull marketing) via mobile

Ready to take off

Mobile marketing is pulled through the use of mobile devices to advertise to consumers, drawing, creating demand, stimulating the desire to buy products / services in the consumer's mind.

Use the pull through mobile marketing by offering direct marketing tool to create demand on traditional advertising. For example, client requests message of coupon (coupon) on a number or take the coupon from a publication.


3. Marketing push (push marketing) via mobile

Waiting for more guests

Through mobile marketing push is to send advertising messages (in words or in words) to the customer.

However, sending messages to multiple people at once can be very expensive for small businesses. So, instead of sending messages, please email. Email costs almost negligible while the content is not limited. Only thing you have to invest effort in email list.

4. Marketing "three screen"

Waiting for more guests

2012 and subsequent years will be many changes in the way of advertising because many people do not just sit before the television screen but also caught up in two other screen tablet PCs and smart phones .

This year, let's display advertising on television and invites viewers held one of two remaining screens up to participate in your promotions. Please email ads, video and social media on the tablet screen. As for mobile phone screen, use the professional application familiar "back" of promotional products.


5. Local Online Marketing

Ready to take off

If you want to reach potential customers at a local level, whether you have the ads on local newspapers of that? Surely then if the paper is that "city" of your ad before locals and just looking for online articles is your ad appears.

So try some ad type in a separate area in the local publications in 2012 and remember to bring very relevant message to the people there.

6. Marketing near (Proximity Marketing)

Waiting for more guests

Proximity marketing is that the spread of advertising content in a certain area through wireless devices such as bluetooth, wifi, GPS, NFC. This type of marketing are appearing more and more in America. Consumers can install the bluetooth applications like Foursquare ShopKick and to get into mobile advertising, promotion from the shop they go through or standing nearby. They can use technology to locate the door or somewhere on the actual phone.

Many people are still wary of the positioning technology applications on the phone. However, you just try close to the market this year to gain experience "catch odd" sophisticated buyers of technology in the coming years.


7. Social media-oriented

Ready to take off

If your business has many customers, can one of the clients that are "trade Muskmelon" about your business online. To the "wholesale Muskmelon" which benefit your business, you must be active for object-oriented customers. So-called new media-oriented society.

Use tools like Google Alerts or Trackur to know when people talk about yourself. Please join the conversation and cleverly suggested that customers review and evaluate the business, its products.


8. Managing customer relationships through social media networks (Social CRM)

Ready to take off

Database CRM (customer relationship management) is often used to track the purchase behavior of consumers. Customer or the habit of sharing information about their lives on social media sites and you absolutely can track that information.

Spend a little time to see clients share what information each week and record useful information on its database. For example, if your client is talking about summer vacation plans on Facebook, it's time for you to make great deals are related to vacation there.

9. Globalization

Waiting for more guests

Thanks to the development of the mobile device with an internet connection, in 2012, the number of web surfers will more than ever. Technology transfer as WordLens language will also help people to easily access and read the web content, email, foreign advertising in the language native to them.

To add your business integration with the world, first view visitors to his site from any country. Next, try to create products and services suitable to the tastes of the country and gradually expand to other countries.


10. Trade anywhere

Waiting for more guests

Pay by credit card is still in great demand and in 2012 was the year the consumer will continue to have multiple payment methods to choose from.

So, be prepared to accept payment by PayPal or Google Wallet or any other payment method to create favorable conditions than buyers.


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